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How Lakeside Living Magazines Work as a Marketing Tool for Home Service Companies

Lakeside Living Magazines are one of the most targeted Lake Norman publications available. We reach tens of thousands of residents in large, high-value homes in the lakeside communities in the towns of Cornelius and Mooresville. The average family income of this affluent LKN area is $200,000.

Residents with high incomes living the lakeside lifestyle have more money to spend on products and services and will have larger average spends and book larger projects than lower income residents. Once services are rendered well, these lakefront property residents are able to pay their bills because they have the income and savings to cover expenses. Because they live in larger homes with larger square footage, the projects are larger. Painting an 8000 sf home will always be a greater return on investment over a 2000 sf home. All of our homes are 3000 sf and larger, up to over 10,000 sf with many.

Families in our lakeside retreats with two working parents or with overall higher incomes for one spouse, have more money in general to spend and less time to do the work around their homes, making household projects easier to service out. Fewer affluent homeowners cut their own lawns, do their own repairs or painting, when it’s easier and more time efficient to have someone else do it.

One job in these homes can easily turn to more jobs in these homes, helping service providers further target this lakeside life type of client. Service providers who do a good job will be called to service in other areas and will get future jobs, too. Quality, service, and showing up on time goes a long way and is rewarded with loyalty. Affluent homeowners will always choose quality over price. In addition to being loyal and a longtime customer, they will refer to friends and family. One job in a large lake home will lead to more lake community jobs with neighbors, friends, family, and often leads to jobs in investment and vacation properties and commercial properties, too. Affluent, influential residents have large referral bases and talk on the golf course and at parties about service providers they love.

If your company is looking to build its Lake Norman business and service Lake Norman homeowners, look no further than our Lake Norman magazine, Lakeside Living LKN-a lake lifestyle guide and the private community LKN magazines for our residents, to help you target and ideal client of lakeside homeowners to build awareness and business in or Lake Norman communities.


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