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How Lakeside Living Magazines and Print Marketing Can Help Real Estate Agents Stand Out

Real estate agents can use Lakeside Living Magazines as part of their marketing strategy to reach potential buyers and sellers in our lakeside and lakefront Lake Norman homes. While digital platforms and online listings have become increasingly popular, traditional print media still holds value in certain markets and demographics. Here are some ways real estate agents can utilize magazines effectively:

  1. Standard Advertisements: Real estate agents can place advertisements in local or specialized magazines that target their desired audience. Lakeside Living Magazines reach affluent homeowners in over 250 of the most affluent lakeside communities in Lake Norman. All of our homes are over 3000 sf and prices range from $500,000 for lakeside homes to the multi-million-dollar lakefront homes. These ads can feature property listings, agent profiles, or highlight specific services offered.

  2. Feature Articles: We offer Expert Contributor articles, an educational column we feature in our magazines, to just one realtor or real estate company per magazine. Realtors looking to share their expertise and knowledge on real estate trends, local market insights, or tips for buyers and sellers love this option. This helps establish them as industry experts and builds trust with potential clients. Our most popular option, it is often taken for years but sometimes opens, but you can reach out to find out if this option is available!

  3. Property Listings Page: Our Lake Norman magazines offer a section dedicated to real estate listings. Our Exclusive Real Estate Listing Agents get the rights to our “Lakeside Listings” Real Estate Page, where they submit a list of sold homes for the neighborhoods we serve and get half the page for their personal real estate ad where they can showcase themselves, their companies, or descriptions of properties they are representing, reaching readers who may be interested in purchasing or renting.

  4. Neighborhood Spotlights: Agents can collaborate with magazines to sponsor and feature specific neighborhoods or HOA communities, providing readers with an in-depth look at the area's amenities, lifestyle, and events. For realtors who live in these neighborhoods, this is a great way to support your community and show you love where you live and are THE go-to realtor for the area. This can attract buyers who are interested in the Lake Norman real estate market and sellers who want to use the realtor most in-the-know about their lakeside communities.

  5. Branding and Visibility: Consistently placing ads or contributing articles in magazines can help real estate agents build brand recognition and increase their visibility in the local Lake Norman market. Potential clients may come across these ads while reading magazines, creating opportunities for inquiries or referrals.

  6. Hyper-Targeted Distribution: Real estate agents should choose magazines that cater to their target market, whether it's a niche demographic or a specific geographic area. This allows them to reach potential clients who are likely to be interested in their services or properties. Lakeside Living Magazines offers a niche demographic of affluent homeowners in Lake Norman, the most ideal and hottest markets in the state for real estate sales.

  7. Offline Networking with Local Residents: Local magazines that showcase local residents, resources and events are often valuable resource guides for the community and well loved and read. Our Lakeside Living Magazines have a 90% read and 93% value rate, so we know we are seen. We not only get our realtors seen, we are like handing out your business card to tens of thousands of homeowners every month and with our expert articles, like having a conservation with them to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

  8. Less Competition in a Oversaturated Market: Let’s face it, our Lake Norman real estate market is saturated with realtors, from new agents to lifelong real estate institutions. The competition is stiff! We give you a way to stand out with our exclusive real estate options like our Expert Contributor on real estate or as our Lakeside Listings Real Estate Page Sponsor. Unlike real estate books, that are packed with realtors and listings, we are about our neighbors and local resources and filled with relevant community-focused, feel-good content and are always 30% ads to 70% resident-contributed content. With us, your ads and your expertise can stand out in a positive, well regarded platform.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of using magazines for real estate marketing may vary depending on the local market, target audience, and overall marketing strategy. Agents should consider their specific goals, ideal target audience, and their passion and knowledge base for educating when looking at article options and for local publications that cater to their niche. If Lake Norman residential home market and high-end, large Lake Norman homes are a good fit, Lakeside Living Magazines offer the perfect way to stand out from all the competition.


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