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Connecting, Educating and Celebrating our Lake Norman neighbors and small businesses through our positive, community-focused publications, social media and digital marketing.

Businesses, are you frustrated with ineffective, scattershot, expensive, overly complex and over-saturated marketing platforms and find you are still not reaching the most ideal audience for your business? Are you chasing bad leads all over Charlotte to lose out to the lowest bidder?

Good marketing comes down to finding your ideal audience and being present and consistent in front of that ideal audience.

We offer simple solutions and a consistent, targeted, ideal audience of affluent residential homeowners to help you brand your business and build awareness, reputation, relationships and, ultimately, build your book of business in our Lake Norman communities with our direct-mail, positive, family-friendly community-focused publications. 

Build your business in Lake Norman by branding and partnering with Lakeside Living LKN. Set up a marketing consultation today! 

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The best community magazine in Lake Norman

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Annie Hanson

Annie Hanson | CEO

“Advertising with Best Version Media in the Mooresville and Cornelius Lakeside Living, has contributed so much to the success and growth of The Closet Niche in our 1st year of business! The 1st article we ran brought us a ton of exposure and business within the first week of the magazine being released. We closed over a dozen consultations and saw an immediate return on our investment!"

The Closet Niche Logo
Doug Vidler

Doug Vidler | Owner

“I’ve been involved with Lakeside Living Magazines for almost five years as a local advertiser and author of quarterly articles representing my field of automotive service and repair. As you can probably imagine, there’s a long list of automotive topics that readers want to know about; everything from preventative maintenance, repairs, emerging technology, explanation of vehicle systems, costs of ownership, and so on. I love it when customers come into my shop and mention an article I’ve written! This happens somewhat frequently. Recently a gentleman came in with the Lakeside Living Magazine rolled up in his hand, while tapping it into the palm of his other hand asking, “who wrote this piece about repairs?” I introduced myself as the author and owner of the business. He said he enjoys reading the articles and uses what he reads. Early on, I wondered if my messages really reached the reader. Doubt no more, and never ever underestimate the power of print.” 

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Todd Kofoed

Todd Kofoed | Owner

“My company, Bigg Time Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, has been advertising in the Cornelius Lakeside Living Magazine for 7 years now. Best thing I could’ve ever done!! The results and service have been nothing but THE BEST!!! I never expected things to reach the level they have with this magazine. The exposure is enormous!! I can’t thank Joanie enough for the hard work and dedication to her clients!! The continuous work and recommendations that have come from this advertisement is a dream. Thank you for what you do!!”

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Our Ideal Audience

An ideal audience for most businesses, we serve tens of thousands of affluent Lake Norman residents in over 250 lakeside communities in the towns Cornelius and Mooreville. This includes all multi-million dollar homes along over 400+ miles of shoreline and all lakeside neighborhoods on the top of and bottom of Lake Norman. All of our homes are over 3000 sf up to 10,000 sf and average Lake Norman family incomes in these communities are over $200,000. This is an ideal target audience for most businesses, as more affluent residents have more money to spend on products and services and can pay out of pocket and on time. This is also a very influential, connected audience ripe for referrals, with investment and vacation properties to service, and are often commercial business owners or high level management decision makers leading to commercial work opportunities. 

Our Ideal Audience
Lakeside Living Magazine Cover

Our Ideal Customers

Testimonial and referral-based businesses located in and around Lake Norman, North Carolina, that provide a high quality of service and who want to connect with affluent residents in over 200 residential communities in our area to build their reputation, expertise, and client base are our ideal community sponsors.

About Us

Joanie Baker

Joanie Baker

Owner, Lakeside Living LKN
Publisher, Lakeside Living Magazines

Lakeside Living LKN Magazines are the community magazines of the lakeside areas of Cornelius & Mooresville, North Carolina. We also serve Huntersville and Denver with our brother and sister publications. We communicate, educate and celebrate all that is Lake Norman: communicating relevant, interesting, local information; educating residents on who to know, what to do, and where to go; and celebrating where we live, the people who live here, and our top local businesses. We are community-oriented, family-friendly, positive publications that work to build up, bridge, and support both our residential and business communities, bringing neighbors together.


How We Got Started

When I moved to Lake Norman in 2013 I found finding things was difficult. With so many transplants here, few seemed to know where to go, what to do, and who to call for various services. I created Lakeside Living LKN  to help both new and established residents find fun things to do, special places to go, and great service providers. We want to connect and celebrate the interesting people of Lake Norman and make our town feel like more of a HOMEtown.

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How We Got Started


  • 2021 Lake Norman Small Business of the Year, Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce

  • 2021 & 2022 Small Businessperson of the Year, Alignable

  • Highly Recommended Business Status, Alignable


Our Services


We are always looking for

  • Highly-rated, reputable business sponsors & community partners

  • Businesses who are struggling with their marketing plan 

  • Community contributors who love to educate in their field of expertise

  • Nonprofit connections for FREE marketing opportunities

  • Interesting Lake Norman residents to showcase 

  • Amazing local students and veterans to showcase

  • Residents interested in submitting articles about lifestyle, gardening, history, recipes, community events, interesting stories about local people, crafts, and lake-oriented features.

Our Partners

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Our Partners

Contact Us

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(o) 704-218-0119

We would love to learn more about your business or organization and to work with you on your marketing plan. 


Send us a message and we will reach out to you shortly.

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